Our Services

Equipment rentals
A fleet of standard equipment is available to rent.

Equipment sales
Purchase or lease to own options are available

Custom equipment designs
Custom units specific to your needs can be designed and fabricated for purchase or rent

Turnkey solutions
Full service stringing or re-spool crew and equipment options available:

Delivery of equipment to job sites

Moving and staging of coiled product

Un-spooling and re-spooling product

On-site training and service


Safety & Efficiency

All our products are engineered with safety in mind and come complete with Operator’s Manuals that include detailed procedures for safe operation of the equipment. On site training is available.

Traditional methods for handling heavy reels of pipe, electrical wire, fibre optic cable, or other coiled product are time consuming and expensive requiring multiple pieces of equipment and numerous operators.

Lifting reels of coiled product is often performed with a portable crane or a risky adaptation of a large excavator.

These methods can be expensive cumbersome and unsafe. Our trailers completely eliminate the extra expense of mobilizing heavy equipment to handle coils of pipe or electrical wire and the need for unsafe rigging and overhead operations.



Save Time Save Money

Short loading times

Easy to maneuver onsite

Faster uncoil and install process

Easy transport on right-of-way or highway

Fewer operators

Less on-site equipment

No picker trucks or track hoes to lift reels

Tow with most ¾ ton pick up trucks

“Track hoes are for digging not for lifting, The real solution is a FlexReel Trailer”

Minimal Risk Maximum Safety

No more runaway reels

No risky rigging or overhead work

Stable, controlled heavy reel handling

“Flexreel Trailers eliminate the risk of rigging excavators and cranes and dangerous overhead loads”