About Us

FlexReel Trailers is an owner operated business founded in 2007.  The team has decades of experience in the design and fabrication of high-quality industrial equipment as well as handling and installing coiled products. 

FlexReel Trailers Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer specializing in industrial equipment designed to transport, deploy and retrieve heavy reels of coiled product including flexible pipe, electrical wire, cable and conduit, fibre optic cable, or any other coiled product. The industries we currently serve include construction, mining, oil and gas, utilities and agriculture. 

Whether you are a coiled product company or an installation contractor, we can help you increase the safety and efficiency of your operations by reducing downtime, hazards, and manpower. We have a variety of equipment for rent, lease, or purchase. 

about us


Sam Bouey

(Direct) : 403-851-1900
(Email) : [email protected]

David Sheehan
Vice President, Manufacturing & Product Support

(Direct) : 403-851-1900
(Email) : [email protected]

Office: Calgary, AB
Shop: Didsbury, AB